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Glassnode makes blockchain data accessible for everyone. We source and carefully dissect on-chain data, to deliver contextualized and actionable insights relevant for traders and investors Learning tools for Bitcoin investing. LookIntoBitcoin provides live Bitcoin charts and information using market cycle and on-chain analysis. Designed to give clarity to Bitcoin investors Der NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit / Loss) von Bitcoin überschreitet fast den grünen Bereich Belief in Richtung blaue Zone Euphoria. Wenn der NUPL diesen blauen Bereich in der Vergangenheit betreten hat, hat dies zuvor eine Spitze markiert. Allerdings hat der NUPL den blauen Bereich auf seinem Höhepunkt Anfang dieses Monats nicht ganz erreicht. Dies ähnelt einem Ereignis aus dem Jahr 2017, nachdem der Bitcoin-Preis anschließend noch um über 900% zulegte. Dies zeigt, dass ein. Short-Term Holder NUPL has been extremely accurate in timing #Bitcoin market tops (green zone). Also, consistently staying above the red zone has indicated $BTC bull markets. The current upwards trend needs to be confirmed for a bullish trend reversal.https://t.co/SWEJf7FZDF pic.twitter.com/nFN0ZDVzjG — glassnode (@glassnode) April 15, 202 In this article, BeInCrypto will analyze bitcoin and Ethereum on-chain metrics. More specifically, the Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) values, to try and determine if the market is overheated...

Bitcoin: Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL Tags: $70000, BITCOIN, Ivan, NUPL, Pump, Retail, starting, Tech, Tether, today; Categories: bitcoin; Related Videos: ETHEREUM $10,000 PUMP INEVITABLE!!! BITCOIN WILL HIT $70,000 SOON!!!! Technical Analysis, news by Crypto Guru. 8,495 views. ETHEREUM BECOMING DEFLATIONARY IN JULY!!! Ivan on Tech by Crypto Guru . 42,107 views. SECRET BITCOIN CHART SIGNALS HUGE BTC PUMP!! (these btc metrics will. Bitcoin's NUPL is currently 0.62, which falls in a range of historic uptrends leading to new price highs. The metric measures the proportion of coins in circulation that are profitable versus those which are still trading at a loss. A higher index indicates that a greater proportion of the network is profitable

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  1. Das NUPL-Verhältnis misst einfach ausgedrückt die Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung von Bitcoin-Investoren. Diese Kennzahl hat sich als hilfreich erwiesen, um die Stimmung der Investoren zu bewerten und..
  2. Bitcoin's NUPL show further gains on the horizon The net unrealized profit/loss indicator is an on-chain metric that considers investors' holdings against the price at which the asset was last..
  3. The NUPL has in the past stayed in greed for over two months, the market top still at large. Bitcoin price stalled after failing to break the resistance at $40,000. As reported earlier this week,..
  4. Bitcoin investor sentiment: Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) has been in the Belief zone for the past week. Currently, over 50% of the BTC market cap consists of unrealized profits - a level not seen since August 2019. Image Courtesy of Glassnode
  5. Today In Crypto 02/12 - CEO of World's Largest Asset Manager Says Bitcoin Can Possibly 'Evolve' Into Global Asset, This metric NUPL suggests Bitcoin price ca..

Verglichen mit der NUPL von 2017, würde ein vergleichbares Wachstum ein Top im Bitcoin Kurs bei etwa 65,500 USD ergeben. Ein bullischer BTC Kommentar von Willy Woo Da es in der Tat keine ausreichenden Hinweise in den On-Chain Daten von Glassnode für einen bärischen Verlauf im Bitcoin Kurs gibt, kommen wir direkt zu einem bullischen Kommentar des bekannten On-Chain Analysten Willy Woo. According to info, the realised price trading is currently $14,511, and if the NUPL fell to 0.5, it will mean that Bitcoin would drop to $21,766 on the floor. That would mean a 55.76 percent decrease from BTC's press time position, a drop that would totally strip away all of BTC's gains from 15 December 2020 Bitcoin NUPL Analyse. Gängigerweise spricht man bei einem Wert von -0,25 von einer Capitulation (Kapitulation) des Marktes. Bei einem Wert von über 0,75 geht man von einer Euphorie (Euphoria) des Marktes aus. Wenn der Wert über 0,25 und unterhalb von 0,5 liegt, dann herrscht Optimismus (Optimism) auf dem Markt. Bei Werten von über 0,5 sind die. Bitcoin NUPL is 'Euphoric' Source: Glassnode. As highlighted by a recent Glassnode report, Bitcoin's NUPL or Net Unrealized Profit/Loss has reached a state of euphoria. According to the attached chart, whenever the NUPL indicator has climbed to the blue or euphoric region, Bitcoin has given way to a local top. From hereon, the cryptocurrency's price has usually dropped over the short. Lesetipp: Bitcoin Kurs Prognose 2021: Wie realistisch sind 100.000 USD pro BTC? Das bärische Szenario für Bitcoin. Auf der bärischen Seite steht die Metrik NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss). Denn diese nähert sich immer weiter dem Ende der grünen Zone und droht somit in die blaue Zone überzugehen. Dies würde - auf das Sentiment bezogen.

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Bitcoin NUPL continues to avoid 0.5 reset. Source: Glassnode. According to Glassnode's latest report, the strength of the current Bitcoin rally can be illustrated by BTC's Net Unrealized Profit and Loss or NUPL. In the past, the NUPL has regularly retested the 0.5-mark during bull market corrections. While a 0.5 re-test was seen multiple times during both the 2013 and 2017 rallies, the. Bitcoin NUPL. Nó có ý nghĩa như sau: Giá trị trên 0 cho biết vị trí có lợi nhuận ròng. Giá trị dưới 0 cho biết vị trí có lỗ ròng. Về mặt lịch sử, các giá trị dưới -0,25 có nghĩa là đầu hàng trong khi các giá trị trên 0,75 biểu thị sự hưng phấn, cho thấy rằng đỉnh có thể đang ở gần. Các ngưỡng. Bitcoin und Ethereum Analyse: NUPL-Werte signalisieren weitere Kurssteigerungen. Apr 15, 2021 vor 3 Tagen. Märkte Nachrichten. Reddit WallStreetBets startet Diskussion über Bitcoin, Ethereum und Dogecoin . Apr 15, 2021 vor 3 Tagen. Märkte Reportage. Bitfinex-Hacker versenden BTC im Wert von 750 Millionen USD. Apr 15, 2021 vor 3 Tagen. Märkte Reportage. COPA verklagt Craig Wright wegen.

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  1. e the stage of the ongoing uptrend
  2. Bitcoin value in USD. Current stock chart live. Update every 5 sec. Bitcoin worth history on bitcoinpricetrading-7pro.com. The markets are moving fast. Don't miss out on your chance to profit from the latest rises and falls. Buy Bitcoin right now! Best investing site in 2021 - Here. Start from 250 Euro. Very recommended! Latest BItcoin News. Bitcoin News. Bitcoin (BTC) price exceeds $18,000.
  3. Bitcoin: Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) by Glassnode. When the net unrealized profit/less gets above 0.75 it signals a Euphoria - Greed stage in the market cycle and has predicted a market top every time highlighted by the light blue lines. The reason for this is that price is rising and increasing market cap while investors aren't taking profits. This creates a massive euphoric sentiment.
  4. Kriptokoin.com - Bitcoin (BTC) made history by breaking its all-time high on Monday. However, following this bullish move, BTC wiped out about $ 2,000 with sharp drops. So is there any difference between the rally at the end of December 2017 and the current rally? The current bull market has received support from a new wave of institutional investors. MicroStrategy invested almost $ 500.
  5. Friday, April 16 2021. Search for. Sideba
  6. A bitcoin is in profit (loss) if the current price is higher (lower) than the price at the time the bitcoin last moved. 3. The unrealised profit/loss of the current Bitcoin supply The profit (loss) of a bitcoin is calculated by taking the difference between the current price and the price at the time the bitcoin last moved

Instead, I believe that we are far away from Bitcoin's peak in 2021, even though the NUPL chart tells otherwise. Subscribe to our newsletter to level up your crypto game! Subscribe. Institutions vs. Retail. Today, the market conditions are different from 2017. The 2017 hype was all about ICOs and speculation; Retail drove the prices up and down. Now, the market environment looks differently. Langzeitanleger scheinen also den Preis von Bitcoin weiterhin für fair zu halten und rechnen sich gleichzeitig ein weiteres, lohnenswertes Risiko/Chancen Verhältnis aus. MVRV und NUPL zur Bestimmung von möglichen Tops. Weitere hilfreiche Metriken beim Versuch der Prognose von Tops und Bottoms sind MVRV und NUPL. Starten wir mit der ersten Metrik. MVRV steht für nichts anderes als das Verhältnis von Marktwert zu realisiertem Wert. Dieses Verhältnis versucht anzugeben, ob ein Asset.

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BITCOIN $70,000 PUMP STARTING TODAY!!! Tether, NUPL, Retail - Ivan on Tech. by Larry Hunter on March 5, 2021 6 comments 280 views. share. 6. All the content, images, articles, posts, pages written and published by https://simplebitcoinnews.com are not financial advice but opinions of the crypto community and are only for educational or entertainment purposes. CRYPTO FULL TIME WEBINAR. Das bärische Szenario für Bitcoin Auf der bärischen Seite steht die Metrik NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss). Denn diese nähert sich immer weiter dem Ende der grünen Zone und droht somit in die blaue Zone überzugehen. Dies würde - auf das Sentiment bezogen - den Übergang zur Euphorie bedeuten Bitcoin Net Unrealized Profit/Loss turns massively bullish. According to Glassnodehe, the Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) refers to the difference between Unrealized Profit and Relative Unrealized Loss.. It is also calculated by subtracting the Realized Cap from the Market NUPL Metric Suggests $133K - $590K For Bitcoin In This Bull Run

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Das letzte Mal als der STH-NUPL ein Kaufsignal signalisierte, war zu dem Zeitpunkt, als Bitcoin auf das einstige Allzeithoch von 20.000 USD gestiegen ist: Short-Term Holder Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (STH-NUPL) mit einem #bullischen Signal hier imo! Dieser Abprall der 0-Linie war wichtig, ist sehr charakteristisch für frühere Bullenmärkte und historisch gesehen eine gute Kaufgelegenheit Long Term Holder NUPL (LTH-NUPL) is Net Unrealized Profit/Loss that takes into account only UTXOs with a lifespan of at least 155 days and serves as an indicator to assess the behaviour of long term investors. View LTH-NUPL in Glassnode Studio View LTH-NUPL in Glassnode API Docs How is it measured? LTH-NUPL is calculated by taking the NUPL value only for spent outputs as old as or older than. The bitcoin market this year had numerous entry points for investors. One indicator that provided the most profitable entry points (occurring only twice) has shown up yet again after 5 months. It preceded BTC's epic rally to $10,500 in April and the run-up to $12,500 in August. The Blue Dot Screams Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Preis Update: Wochenschlusskurs bei über 60.000 USD. Apr 12, 2021 vor 54 Minuten Bitcoin on-Chain Indicators Network Value to Transactions Ratio (NVTR) NUPL = UP / UL. Reserve Risk (RR) Reserve Risk is the current price divided by the value of all coins, determined by the price at the point in time when they last moved. RR = Price / SUM (Coin Price when it last moved) Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) Stablecoin Supply Ratio is the total Bitcoin supply divided by the. The last time BTC's NUPL was rebuffed at this level, during the bull cycle in 2017, the cryptocurrency increased around 900% before hitting the top, said Glassnode. If the asset is to skyrocket by such a percentage now, it would drive the price to $300,000 An example of blatantly erroneous argument from nassim nicholas taleb bitcoin nupl currentMany people here used his books, I decided to use one of his pet pr..

The last time the STH-NUPL showed a buy signal was when Bitcoin rose to its former all-time high of $20,000: Short-Term Holder Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (STH-NUPL) with a #bullish signal here imo! That bounce of the 0-line was important, is very characteristic for previous bull markets, and historically a good buying opportunity NUPL measures the proportion of coins in the network which are in profit versus those that aren't. Built around a neutral zero value, the closer the index gets away from it, the more the network is in profit. Negative readings likewise signify majority losses. NUPL is at 0.62 and predicts tops at 0.8+, Schulze-Kraft explained alongside an annotated chart. Bitcoin Net Unrealized Profit. For example - if all the Bitcoin held were sold today, would the investors sell at a profit or a loss? Green indicates selling at a profit and red indicates selling at a loss. Source. This recent dip into the red is linked to those investors that took profits recently and we can take a look at another metric called NUPL to determine the Net Unrealised Profits/Loss. We can see by the chart. The weakness of the NUPL indicator, as with all on-chain metrics, is that bitcoins transacted off-chain are not accounted for and therefore is an incomplete picture of profits and losses. Nevertheless, the NUPL indicator has been accurate since 2010 in identifying market tops, and to a lesser extent, bottoms. Bitcoin; Crypto News; Market Analysi Bitcoin (BTC) price exceeds $18,000 for the first time in three years. By Pro 7 team Nov 20, 2020. 1328 Views. Historical price level for BitcoinLess than a day after exceeding $17,000, Bitcoin reached and surpassed the $18,000 threshold for the . Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Entity-adjusted LTH-NUPL chart. The bull run in 2017 and early 2018 is also reinforced by the metric, suggesting that it is best to enter the market when the Entity-adjusted LTH-NUPL at the belief level. On the other hand, investors must be keen to exit when the euphoria index begins to retreat. It is essential to realize that Bitcoin hit an all-time high close to $20,000 in December. Digital money that's instant, private and free from bank fees. Download the official Bitcoin Wallet app today, and start investing and trading in BTC or BCH Rafael Schultz-Kraft, the chief technical officer at Glassnode, said the Bitcoin short-term holder net unrealized profit and loss activity (NUPL) has been above zero for four months Glassnode, which provides insight on blockchain data, said in a report on Monday that bitcoin's net unrealized profit/loss (NUPL) was getting close to exceeding the belief range and moving into.. Bitcoin became a convertible and universally accepted payment method. The reason of that is the fact that Bitcoin investments provide very high income being one of the most efficient investments on the market. We have a long list of companies and corporations that put their money in this currency. But since you are already here we bet you know how profitable the Bitcoin is. There is a growing.

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Ein Bitcoin Kurs Hoch geht nach dieser Metrik mit einem NUPL-Wert von 0.8 einher. Aus der oben stehenden Grafik, die in dem Tweet hinterlegt ist, können wir das prozentuale historische Wachstum sehen, dass in dieser Wachstumsphase erreicht wurde NUPL looks at the difference between Unrealized Profit and Unrealized Loss to determine whether the network as a whole is currently in a state of profit or loss. Bitcoin Price Outlook. Since its 2020 high over the weekend, Bitcoin has spent the past 48 hours consolidating in the $13,100 range Der NUPL ist die Differenz zwischen nicht realisierten Gewinnen und Verlusten, basierend auf dem Zeitpunkt, an dem sich die Coins zuletzt auf der Chain bewegten. Der Bitcoin Kurs stieg damals, als er sich laut dem NUPL auf dem gleichen Niveau befand, um 1.400% bis zu seinem Höchststand. Wenn sich das Szenario in ähnlichem Ausmaß.

Contribute to bitcoin/bitcoin development by creating an account on github. Not yet, why bitcoin's up or down the path hard to call. In 2011, the price expanded by a record 3,000% after the nupl. Bitcoin to $590,000 usd according to on dec 01, 2020 · previously when the nupl hit similar levels, bitcoin price has. Nupl currently resides at 0.62. Learn about btc value, bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin wurde im Laufe des letzten Monats von einem stetigen Aufwärtstrend erfasst, wobei die offenkundig bullische Reaktion der Benchmark-Kryptowährung auf das Kapitulationstief von $3.800 zunehmend wie ein langfristiger Tiefststand aussieht. Die Aufwärtsbewegung von Bitcoin bei diesen Tiefstständen hat die Anlegerstimmung erheblich gestärkt und viele Marktteilnehmer dazu veranlasst.

Bitcoin setzt seinen Aufwärtstrend fort, da neue Investoren zum Harten Geld strömen. Der Aufwärtstrend von Bitcoin in der Zeit nach der Kapitulation von Mitte März auf Tiefststände von $3.600 war recht intensiv und die Kryptowährung hat selbst angesichts mehrfacher fester Ablehnungen es wieder geschafft in Richtung $8.000 zu steigen. Das ist ein Anstieg von über 100 Prozent in 6. The (NUPL) indicator, which is used to spot the difference between unrealized profit and loss, to determine whether the network is currently at a state of profit or loss, is according to Glassnode suggesting that despite the market cap rising at a slow pace, funds are still flowing in at a high rate. A Bitcoin price increase while NUPL remains stable is healthy. Indicates that the market.

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Die NUPL von Bitcoin liegt derzeit bei 0,62, was in einer Reihe von historischen Aufwärtstrends fällt, die zu neuen Preishöchstständen führen. Die Metrik misst den Anteil der im Umlauf befindlichen Münzen, die rentabel sind, im Vergleich zu denjenigen, die noch mit Verlust gehandelt werden. Ein höherer Index zeigt an, dass ein größerer Anteil des Netzes profitabel ist. Der beliebte. Bitcoin can be exchanged for multiple services, cash, or real goods. Bitcoin trading is completely safe, as every transaction is carried via our system. + Can an amateur use the Bitcoin Up software? The Bitcoin Up software has been designed as such that anyone can use it. New and seasoned traders will find it very easy to use the application. With this app, we have introduced various features.

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April berichtete das Unternehmen, dass die Metrik Bitcoin Short-Term Holder NUPL - ein Indikator für die Rentabilität kurzfristiger Kryptowährungsinvestoren und -händler - in die Hoffnungszone eingetreten ist. Laut Glassnode handelt es sich um ein Signal, das zuvor den Beginn der Bullenmärkte anzeigt, wobei die Metrik Ende 2015 ihren Höhepunkt über diesem.

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Furthermore, NUPL can identify if an entire network is in a state of net profit or loss. This crypto trading indicator is best applied to Bitcoin as a way of determining tops and bottoms in the market. NUPL values above zero show that the network as a whole is in profit. Values below zero show an overall net loss. As a rule of thumb, the greater the NUPL deviates from zero, the higher the probability of the market reaching peaks and bottoms The NUPL is a metric that estimates the difference between unrealized profit and unrealized loss in order to determine whether the bitcoin network is presently in profit or in loss. Any value above zero shows that the network is in profit and values smaller than zero show that the network is in a state of loss

What is NUPL and why does it signify the start of a Bitcoin bull run? The NUPL metric essentially gauges how many Bitcoin holders are in profit or at a loss. If the metric rises, it means more investors are profitable since they purchased BTC. The researchers at Glassnode calculate NUPL by evaluating the price of Bitcoin when it enters a new address Khi BTC có sự điều chỉnh, chỉ số NUPL của Bitcoin đã có sự điều chỉnh xuống mặc dù trước đó đã rất gần vùng đỉnh là trên 0.75 trở lên. Để an toàn hơn, Bitcoin cần có sự điều chỉnh lớn hơn là 20% - 30%. Một số chỉ số khác như Miners API cũng giảm. Điều này cho thấy lực bán trên thị trường chủ yếu. Im Jahr 2011 stieg Bitcoin nach der NUPL um satte 3.000%. Im Jahr 2013 stieg der Preis um 800 % und später im Jahr um weitere 600 %. Beim Bull-Run im Jahr 2017, wo der Bitcoin-Preis seinen berühmtesten Bull-Run und sein Allzeithoch erreichte, gab es 1200% Wertzuwachs der Kryptowährung. Analysten sind zuversichtlich, dass die Krypto-Währung steigen wird . PlanB, einer der bekannteren. Bitcoin's NUPL holds in denial as traders stay optimistic for positive factors to a different document excessive. The NUPL has. Bitcoin price stalled after failing to break the resistance at $40,000. As reported earlier this week, JPMorgan & Chase strategists consider that BTC will . Bitcoin price stalled after failing to break the resistance at $40,000. As reported earlier this week, JPMorgan. Nahezu alle seine optimistischen Vorhersagen deuten darauf hin, dass Bitcoin einen Wert von 200.000 USD erreichen wird. Er stützte seine Vorhersagen auf verschiedene Metriken, wie z.B. den nicht realisierten Nettogewinn/-verlust (NUPL) von Bitcoin, der seit der rekordverdächtigen Hausse-Rallye im Jahr 2017 in die Höhe geschnellt ist. Diese Kennzahl misst die Differenz zwischen nicht realisierten Gewinnen oder Verlusten, da sich die Münzen zuletzt in der Kette bewegt haben

Glassnode: Bitcoin könnte bald eine Trendumkehr bestätigen. Während sich der Kryptomarkt oft ohne Sinn und Verstand bewegt, lassen sich seine Trends anhand von On-Chain-Daten verfolgen und aufspüren. Laut Glassnode deutet einer der verwendeten On-Chain-Indikatoren - der Short-Term Holder Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (STH-NUPL) - darauf hin, dass BTC weiterhin in einem Bärentrend steckt. Glassnode, das Einblicke in Blockchain-Daten bietet, sagte in einem Bericht am Montag, dass der nicht realisierte Nettogewinn/Verlust (NUPL) von Bitcoin nahe daran war, den Glaubens-Bereich zu überschreiten und sich in den Euphorie-Bereich zu bewegen.Früher, als NUPL in diesen Bereich eintrat, signalisierte es eine globale Spitze im Bitcoin-Preis View Chart. Number of Transactions. 309,766. View Chart. Total Output Volume (BTC) 1,536,808.87322581 BTC. View Chart. Estimated Transaction Volume (BTC) 103,907.74499533 BTC The above chart circled the period during which the short-term NUPL bounced from the 0-line and was followed by a sharp upward move for Bitcoin's price. Before the final rally leading to a BTC peak in 2017, this metric had carried the price from the 'Hope-Fear' zone to the 'Optimism-Anxiety' zone. As the short-term NUPL bounced sharply from the 0-line it was adhering to the characteristics of a previous bull market. This price point has also proved to be a good buying opportunity Bitcoin's NUPL holds in denial as investors remain bullish for gains at another record high. The NUPL has remained in the past in greed for more than two months, the top of the market still on the loose. Bitcoin's price stalled after failing to break resistance at $ 40,000. As reported earlier this week, strategists at JPMorgan & Chase believe that BTC will pull out if it fails to reach.

BITCOIN $70,000 PUMP STARTING TODAY!!! Tether, NUPL, Retail - Ivan on Tech - BOCVIP. Twitter; Search for: Blockchain. 4 Reasons Crypto Will Explode in 2021! Bitcoin, Cardano, Polka Dot, & Ethereum News. April 1, 2021. Cardano: Millions to Adopt ADA! (BULLISH CRYPTO NEWS) April 1, 2021. BITCOIN HASN'T DONE THIS SINCE 2013!!! Bullish Crypto News . April 1, 2021. Huge ENJIN News! | Could this. ShapeShift, ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im Bereich des non-custodial Kryptohandels, hat THORchain in seine mobile Plattform der dezentralen Börse (DEX

Profit taking Bitcoin miners won't stop the next bull runBitcoin investors are growing "euphoric," a pullback couldBitcoin price of $300,000 is a realistic target based on

The NUPL of Bitcoin on top of its historical daily chart. Courtesy: Glassnode. Glassnode's Net Unrealized Profit/Loss which measures how many Bitcoin holders are in profit or at a loss entered the 'belief zone' today. This has been historically linked to the start of massive rallies. Bitcoin jumped by almost 80% the subsequent month when the indicator flashed in June 2019. 2) Analysts. Bitcoin (BTC) smashed past $61,500 levels on Saturday, March 13 hitting its new all-time high with massive buyers' inrush. It's been a phenomenal journey for Bitcoin (BTC) from under $4.5K exactly a year back during the Covid market crash. As Bitcoin (BTC) enters price discovery with this latest surge, some indicators show that the price hasn't yet peaked out and thus there's scope for. Bitcoin's price has rallied from $3,867 to $13,800 over the past 7½ months. However, while prices have risen by over 250%, the chances of bitcoin reaching record highs by the end of the year. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

Net Unrealized profit / Loss (NUPL) Velmi populárním indikátorem je Net Untrealized Profit / Loss (NUPL), který graficky znázorňuje období nálad na trhu. Když se indikátor nachází v červené zóně, trh je v kapitulaci a jde o výborné období na dlouhodobou investici. Oranžová barva reflektuje období naděje, ale zároveň stále přítomného strachu. Žlutá je obdobím optimismu a váhání. Zelená vyjadřuje období naděje a modrá období chamtivosti. Když se dostal. Kryptowährung: Wie bezahlt man mit dem Bitcoin? | tagesschau.de tagesschau.de Anerkennung: Quelllin Bitcoin was saved from falling below $10K level and now on its way to reclaim the $11,000. Despite the slow recovery, new on-chain data from Glassnode has revealed a bullish sentiment never seen since 2017. Glassnode CTO, Rafael Schultze-Kraft, has tweeted the Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) of Bitcoin's short term holders. Looking at the chart, we can see that this is the first time since. Bitcoin erreichte beim letzten Mal, als dieser Fundamentalindikator aufblitzte, $20.000; er ist zurück. Die Preisaktion von Bitcoin hat den Anlegern in letzter Zeit gemischte Signale gegeben, wobei die Benchmark-Kryptowährung zwischen 10.000 und 11.000 $ schwankte. Der Widerstand, der an der oberen Grenze dieser Bitcoin Circuit Handelsspanne gefunden wurde, hat sich als ziemlich bedeutend. Bitcoin's NUPL holds in denial as traders stay optimistic for beneficial properties to a different document excessive. The NUPL

Ünlü isimler açıklama yaptı: Bitcoin boğa döngüsüBitcoin investors are growing “euphoric,” a pullback could

Bitcoin NUPL. As for its calculation, the numbers are simpler: Values above zero indicate a position of net profit. Values below zero indicate a position of net loss. Historically, values below -0.25 have signified capitulation while values above 0.75 have signified euphoria, indicating that a top is likely near. Thresholds are also drawn above the 0.25 level, indicating. NUPL nähert sich der Optimismus-Zone, als BTC die 7.000-Dollar-Marke überschreitet. Im April 2019 sahen wir ein ähnliches Muster - ein Ausbruch in diese Zone bedeutet in der Regel ein erhöhtes Anlegervertrauen und kann zu weiteren Kursgewinnen führen, sagte Glassnode. Im April letzten Jahres handelte Bitcoin (BTC) um die 5.000 $-Bandbreite, bevor es einen massiven Aufschwung. Going forward, if the NUPL breaks below 0.50 then it will confirm $42,000 as the cycle top while if the NUPL remains above 0.50, then there is a chance that bitcoin can continue higher

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