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BTCPay Server is an open source payment processor. It enables online merchants to accept bitcoins as a form of payment. It enables online merchants to accept bitcoins as a form of payment. The invoice API conforms to that of the centralized payment processor BitPay Im Gegensatz zu BitPay bietet BTCPay Payment-Infrastrukturen für den Einzel- und Online-Handel, die dem P2P-Ethos Bitcoins deutlich näher kommen. Denn mithilfe von BTCPay können Händler ein Point-of-Sale-System aufbauen, dass ohne Intermediäre auskommt. Genauer gesagt binden Händler ihre persönliche Bitcoin Wallet an die BTCPay Software an und sind so in der Lage BTCPay ist ein Open Source Payment Provider. Mit dem BTCPay Server kann man Bitcoin-, Lightning und Altcoin Zahlungen ohne Gebühren oder Beteiligung von Dritten empfangen. Ebenso ist die Verbreitung von Lightning ist auf dem Vormarsch und dabei dürften die Erfolge von BTCPay Server eine Schlüsselrolle spielen

BTCPay Server hat bereits Zusagen von mehr als 250.000 US-Dollar für 2020 erhalten. Es wird immer einfacher, Bitcoin für alltägliche Zahlungen zu verwenden. BTCPay Server, ein kostenloser Open-Source-Server für die Verarbeitung von Bitcoin-Zahlungen, hat am Freitag mehrere neue Funktionen veröffentlicht, die es Online-Händlern erleichtern, Krypto-Zahlungen auf ihren Websites abzuwickeln BTCPay Jungle. Sign In. Email address. Password Forgot password? Sign in. Create your account. BTCPay Server Supporters Kraken. Square Crypto. BTSE. DG Lab. OKCoin. ACINQ. View all supporters.

Open Source Bitcoin Payment Processor. BTCPay Server has 50 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin (on-chain and via the Lightning Network) and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman. BTCPay is a non-custodial invoicing system which eliminates the involvement of a third-party

BTCPay Transmuter aufsetzen. Du kannst BTCPay Transmuter auf Deinem eigenen Server installieren, wenn Du die entsprechenden Root Rechte besitzt. Du loggst Dich per Terminal (Linux / Mac) oder Putty (Window) auf Deinem BTCPay Server ein. Dazu gibst Du folgenden Befehl ein: ssh ubuntu@btcpayXXXXXXX.lndyn.co The General Settings area contains the basic information of the BTCPay store. Here you define the name of the store, how to proceed with the individual Bitcoin and Lightning payments. The Bitcoin Wallet is stored on which the received Bitcoins are to be credited and which Bitcoin rate is to be used to calculate the exchange rate Nicolas Dorier (ND): BTCPay is multi-tenant open-source payment processor, backward compatible with Bitpay API. It means that it is a payment processor which can be used to provide payment processing to multiple merchants. The cost depends on what you choose to host it (can be hosted by any by linux or windows) BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman. BTCPay is a non-custodial invoicing system which eliminates the involvement of a third-party

New version of BTCPay Server - v1.0.6.0 is out! November 25, 2020 by pavlenex. We're excited to announce the new version of the BTCPay Server - v1.0.6.0! The new release introduces new features, UI improvements, Greenfield API additions, a bunch of bug fixes and a patch for a privacy vulnerability found in relation the payment button feature BTCPay Server is a free and open-source Bitcoin payment processor which allows you to accept bitcoin without fees or intermediary. Website | Documentation | API | Contribute | YouTube | Cha BTCPay decentralizes the payment processors by allowing you to become the host and process payments for others

BTCPay Server includes an important feature which eliminates the known privacy issue of address re-use. It does this by providing a new address each time an invoice is requested for payment. This is all done automatically and the merchant does not need to keep track of which addresses belong to which wallet, store, etc. BTCPay Server organizes all the payment information in a detailed. Download the BitPay App to securely send, receive and store cryptocurrency. Buy and exchange crypto all in one app Auf unserem autoritären service kann man review und bewertungen über das Btcpay projekt finden und zuverlässig erfahren, btcpay.biz zahlt oder betru

BTCPay Server can easily be hosted with the magical one-click deploy to azure. However, simplicity come with a cost: Around 65 USD per month . While you can bring it down to around 20 USD per. Compare the best BTCPay alternatives in 2021. Explore user reviews, ratings, and pricing of alternatives and competitors to BTCPay It's been a few months since the last major update in BTCPay Server, so here it is! v1.0.7.0 is available and includes a major UI revamp of the wallet setup process, new API calls, and since March is spring cleaning time, some minor quality of life improvements, and a bucket load of non-critical bug fixes This proof of concept article shows how to run BTCPay Server (full Bitcoin and Lightning node) with WooCommerce on a single VPS for around $4/month. The goal is to showcase the cheapest possible. Liquid+ BTCPay plugin. We've previously worked with the BTCPay team to bring Liquid Network support and P2EP-based privacy improvements to users of BTCPay. Today we're happy to share that Andrew Camilleri (Kukks) from the BTCPay team has developed a plugin called Liquid+ that allows merchants to enjoy extended Liquid support

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BTCPAY. Menu. Home; About; Contact; Twitter; Facebook; Google+; GitHub; WordPress.com; Featured BTC PAY. This is the post excerpt. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and an electronic payment system invented by an unidentified programmer, or group of programmers, under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto introduced bitcoin on 31 October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list, and released as open. shesek › code Donat eznode A simple pruning-friendly setup for a personal bitcoin full node. Docker-based single-container package featuring: Bitcoin Core: Pruned by default with optional trusted fast-sync Electrum Server: Personal Electrum server powered by BWT BTC RPC Explorer: Personal block explorer and node dashboard Specter Desktop: Wallet GUI for hardware and multi-sig setup Files for btcpay, version 1.0.3; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size btcpay-1..3-py3-none-any.whl (4.8 kB) File type Wheel Python version py3 Upload date Mar 8, 2018 Hashes Vie

Passwort vergessen oder verloren? E-Mail eingeben. {{{success}}} {{{error}} 7. Tradition via BTCPay and Lightning (BTC oder Satoshis ;-)): Da Online-Zahlungen mit Bitcoin nicht über das traditionelle Bankensystem abgewickelt werden, sind sie der einzige Weg, eine anonyme Online-Spende zu ermöglichen. Bitcoins können an verschiedenen Standorten in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz an Bitcoin ATMs erworben werde In laymen words, BTCPay Vault is a separate app, locally hosted on your own PC, which BTCPay Server connects to and asks for permission. Once permission is granted, BTCPay is able to integrate with any hardware wallet connected to your PC. You can import your wallet and spend incoming funds with a simple confirmation on your device, with your keys never leaving your hardware device, with all funds being validated against your own Bitcoin full node and no data leakage

BTCPay selbst ist ein kostenloses Open Source Zahlungssystem für Händler, die Zahlungen in Bitcoin empfangen möchten. 150.000 USD für Open Source Development Vor noch nicht allzu langer Zeit hatten wir uns mit Maximilian Marenbach von Kraken unterhalten Download and install BTCPay Server. Run bitcoind direct from the command line in the root directory of your server. Run NBXplorer, followed by BTCPay Server. You should now be able to browse the BTCPay Server using port 8080. If everything went as planned BTCPay Server should immediately start syncing. Note that it could still take a while to.

A demo of how to build and start your own BTCPay server with litecoin support. Play on testnet: https://testnet.demo.btcpayserver.org/ Or on mainnet: mainnet.. BTCPay Server is described as 'A free and open source server for merchants wanting to accept Bitcoin for their business' and is an app in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency category. There are more than 10 alternatives to BTCPay Server for a variety of platforms, including the Web, Android, iPhone, Android Tablet and iPad BTCPay Server is an open source payment processor that enables online merchants to accept Bitcoin payments with no middleman or transaction fees. All payments go directly to your wallet. You can learn more about BTCPay Server on their website. With Voltage, you can get up and running on BTCPay Server with virtually zero effort. Our dashboard handles everything needed to get started. We'll.

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Test BTCPay with WooCommerce. Search for: Search. Menu. Home; Blog; BTCPay Server Payment Button Demo; Cart; Checkout; Homepage; My account; Pay per article model BTCPay + Lightning Publisher; Home; Blog; BTCPay Server Payment Button Demo; Cart; Checkout; Homepage; My account; Pay per article model BTCPay + Lightning Publisher $ 0.00 0 items; This is a demo store. Your purchase is considered a. Wordpress Lightning Paywall für BTCPay Server von Coincharge ist ein WordPress-Plugin für Publisher, um kostenpflichtige Inhalte per Pay-per-Post abzurechnen

With BTCPay Server, merchants can self-host and have complete control over the funds they receive without paying extra fees to middlemen or payment processors. BTCPay Server is one of the most popular options for merchants looking to accept Bitcoin payments, with tens of thousands of stores supporting it. Customers can benefit from Liquid as. BTCPay Server has a rich feature set that is gradually expanding and offers some unique advantages to users of the project. First and foremost, BTCPay Server is free and open-source. It is not a third-party custodial company and does not charge any fees. Merchants who use the service receive payments directly from consumers, with no middlemen. Therefore, besides the on-chain transaction fees. BTCPay Server is an Open Source payment processor, written in C#, that conforms to the invoice API of Bitpay. This allows easy migration of your code base to your own, self-hosted payment processor. This solution is for you if: You are currently using Bitpay as a payment processor but are worried about their commitment to Bitcoin in the futur BTCPay is a free service that doesn't charge fees or involve third parties, said Pavlenex, contributor at BTCPay Server. Grant programs like OKCoin's initiative are incredibly impactful for the long-term evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Supporting merchants. Last Friday, May 22, was the 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day remembering the man who paid 10,000 bitcoins in.

BTCPay Server comes with a full node wallet for its users, which means the original intent of Bitcoin in terms of censorship-resistance and full control over one's money is preserved with this payment solution. Best BTCPay Server's features: Support for SegWit, Lightning Network, and PayJoin payments No approval process for merchant BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor with lightning integration. Host your lightning wallet on the cloud to access your wallet from anywhere. BTCPay Server lets you connect to different wallets such as zap, spark and joule. It also has Lapp and WordPress integration to host your own blog and lightning store BTCPay Payment - Shopware Plugin Akzeptiere Kryptowährungen als Zahlungsmittel Unser Shopware Plugin BTCPay Payment erlaubt Ihnen Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning als Zahlungsmittel in Ihrem Shop anzubieten und automatisiert zu akzeptieren BTCPayProvider.it. 144 likes. BTCPay Server è un processore di pagamento di criptovaluta gratuito e open source che ti consente di ricevere pagamenti in..

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BTCPay, a popular open source tool for accepting bitcoin payments, is turning to PayJoin for preserving the privacy of those transactions BTCPay. One of the Bitcoin ecosystem's most highly-regarded open source projects just bagged another substantial grant to build out its technology stack. BTCPay Server, a self-hosted Bitcoin. By BitcoinShirt on October 1, 2018 You can deploy a self-hosted BTCPay Server (Full Bitcoin Node + Lightning Network LND) from a cheap, straightforward and customizable web-interface in just a few clicks with LunaNode hosting. This is a joint effort of BTCPay community and LunaNode. You can now print BTCPay faster than fiat

Rather, BTCPay is poised as a new and improved alternative, a decentralized stand-in for merchants who wanted an easier way to accept bitcoin. A year later, the project has grown larger than Dorier anticipated. With a community of open-source developers at its back and growing demand from a faithful user base, the payment processor has expanded. Launch BTCPayServer on LunaNode. For one cryptocurrency, this tool defaults to creating an m.2 VM with a 80 GB volume (total monthly price: $8.80). To get started, enter your LunaNode API key details below. You'll need to first create an API key. API ID. API Key Welcome to your BTCPay Server. A self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It is secure, private, censorship-resistant and free

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  1. Since BTCPay is free, it relies on donations like Kraken's to run and to fund developers making improvements to the app. BTCPay is a tool for bitcoin bookkeeping tasks that merchants need, such.
  2. BtcPay.biz - Best Paying Investment Since 2015 . btcpay.biz / BtcPay.biz - Bitcoin Investment and Pay Instantly
  3. Dauer: 00:44:28 Roman und Basti stellen euch den BTCPay Server vor und sprechen über ihre Erfahrungen. Der Download ist eine Audio-Datei aus der Reihe des Podcast-Angebotes Blocktrainer, die du hier downloaden und online anhören kannst. Informiere dich über den Blocktrainer Podcast Download
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  5. Dieses BTCPay Pament Plugin ist die benötigte Schnittstelle, damit der BTCPay Server auch in Shopware-Systemen genutzt werden kann. Hinweis zum Quellcode: Dieses Shopware Plugin sowie der BTCPay Server sind Open Source Projekte. Der Quellcode steht unter folgenden URLs zum Download bereit


  1. Welcome to the Drupal 8, Commerce 2 Demo-Shop showcasing BTCPay Server payment plugin. This means this shop does not deliver any goods but is for testing purposes only. How to test: Add some products to the cart and go to checkout. Note you need to click recalculate shipping on the checkout page to proceed
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  3. ates the involvement of a third-party. Payments with BTCPay go directly to your wallet, which increases the privacy and security. Your private keys are never uploaded to the server. There is no address re-use since each invoice generates a new address deriving from your xpubkey
  4. Britt Kelly recently gave a presentation about how BTCPay is for more than just processing payments for merchants. I thought I'd share a use case I implemented myself recently. Since earn.com announced it was deprecating its paid messaging service in late 2019, I decided to take a shot at replacing its functionality with my own self hosted setup
  5. — BTCPay Server (@BtcpayServer) March 30, 2021. The team also posted, We also want to thank Qaiser Abbas, an independent web-security researcher, for an additional responsible vulnerability disclosure that was handled in this release. Tesla supports BTC Pay. The team behind Tesla informed BTCPay's team of the bug after reviewing the project's GitHub last week. This affected users.
  6. 1. Launch BTCPay Server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oce_fvRdLLY via the web interface or by any other method https://docs.btcpayserver.org/deployment/deployment. 2. Create a store in BTCPay and connect your wallet (read the getting started guide here https://docs.btcpayserver.org/btcpay-basics/gettingstarted. 3
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  1. BTCPay aims to put the recipient of funds in full control by letting them run their own self-hosting Bitcoin payment processor. All of this is facilitated through the BitPay API, which doesn't require an account with the company to be used in full. What Are the Advantages
  2. BTCPay Server Now Processing Blockstream's Liquid Assets BTCPay Server now accepts assets issued on Blocksteam's sidechain, Liquid. BTCPay Server now accepts assets issued on Blocksteam's..
  3. Welcome to your BTCPay Server. Sign In. Email address. Password Forgot password? Sign in. BTCPay Server Supporters Kraken. Square Crypto. BTSE. DG Lab. OKCoin. ACINQ. View all supporters.
  4. Amazon.de/Fashion: Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. BTCPay. Jetzt bestellen

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  1. BTCPay Server is built and maintained entirely by volunteer contributors around the internet. We welcome and appreciate new contributions. We welcome and appreciate new contributions. If you're a developer looking to help, but you're not sure where to begin, check the good first issue label , which contains small pieces of work that have been specifically flagged as being friendly to new.
  2. On February 28, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents were introduced to a new platform called Bitcartcc. The project is a self-hosted open source payment processor that allows merchants to accept bitcoin cash easily. Bitcartcc was created because the developers behind the popular application Btcpay refuse to add support for BCH
  3. BTCPay is an amazing open source project with develops that donate their time. Logo on hat is centered. With unique Flexfit styling, this hat has incredible stretch. A silver contrast underbill completes its casual look. Free shipping! (United States only) Sizes. Choose an option Large/XLarge Small/Medium. Clear
  4. © 2021 Bitcoin im Turm. Alle Rechte vorbehalten
  5. BTCPay Server is, zoals de naam al laat vermoeden, een opensource betalingsverwerker voor Bitcoin en andere cryptocurrencies. Hiermee kan je eenvoudig cryptobetalingen accepteren in bijvoorbeeld..

With BitPay's open source, non-custodial wallet, not even BitPay can take your money. Use multi-sig addresses to split payment authorization across up to 12 devices or trusted copayers. Leverage private key encryption, PINs, and biometric authentication for enhanced security. Learn more BitPay is a cool service that makes it very easy for client to purchase items on your site with Bitcoin and other Altcoins, and the seller gets full invoicing capabilities

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BTCPay Server Walkthrough | Blockcore Documentation. Btc pay day 2019 - BTC Transmuter and GreenField API. How to Create an Online Store & Accept Bitcoin - Step By New version of BTCPay Server - v1.0.6.0 is out! • BTCPay How to Install and Host BTCPay Server. Btc pay day 2019 - BTC Transmuter and GreenField API . Btc pay day 2019 - BTC Transmuter and GreenField API. New major release. BTCPay Server. BTCPay Server is a free, open-source, and self-hosted cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows merchants to receive payments in Bitcoin and supported altcoins, directly in the crypto wallet without any transaction cost, fees, or a middleman. The major advantage of BTCPay is that it is completely free and open-source software, developed by the community which allows the user to. btcpay-python v1.3.0. Accept bitcoin with BTCPay. PyPI. README. GitHub. Website. MIT. Latest version published 6 months ago. pip install btcpay-python. We couldn't find any similar packages Browse all packages. Package Health Score. 53 / 100. Popularity. Limited.

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor that allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction costs,s or a middleman. Payments with BTCPay go directly to your wallet, which increases privacy and security. Your private keys are never uploaded to the server I've discovered BTCPay existence by listening to Nicola's talk this summer in Lisbon, and last month I decided to give it a try. Besides understanding how it works, I'd like to use it to enable bitcoins donations through the LN on my personal blog. While I have not a lot of experience with other more traditional solutions like Bitpay, Copay etc, I know enough that they suck at best, and. BTCPay Server and their software stack are shameless obsessions of ours and some of our wacky designs have featured as the FOSS Project's homepage. more . BTCPay Server Website . Wallet Scrutiny. Another project in the bitcoin-sphere is Wallet Scrutiny - a project doing the legwork on wallet-app build verifiability for us all.. Email: info@btcpay.cz Důležité odkazy. Obchodní podmínky; Časté dotazy; Kontakt; Pro uživatele. Registrace; Přihlásit se; Zapomenuté heslo; Co je to Bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) je internetová open-source peněžní měna, kterou lze platit prostřednictvím zcela decentralizované P2P sítě. Hlavní unikátností Bitcoinu je právě jeho plná decentralizace. Celkové množství peně

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Tesla Devs Help Patch A Flaw In Open Source Bitcoin Payment Processor BTCPay. Elon Musk has been supporting the mass adoption of Bitcoin along with other important names. Tesla recently stated that they are accepting Bitcoin these days, and now, the auto giant made another important move. Just to refresh your memory, not too long ago, Musk said. Remote nodes, BTCPay Server nodes, Nodl nodes, routing nodes, neutrino nodes, all in one place. Full node (Coming soon) Historically a barrier to users running a full node comes from the technical complexity to do so. Zap Desktop makes running a full node as simple as a click of a button. Tor (Coming soon) Zap values privacy. Connecting to your Lightning node over Tor brings the ultimate power. How do I add funds to my Namecheap account using BTCPay With BTCPay, you can add any amount from $1.00 to $100,000.00 to your Namecheap account. Any Bitcoin wallet is applicable.To add funds to your Namecheap account balance, please follow these steps:1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.2 BTCPay meanwhile remains a fledgling open-source alternative to the standard methods of accepting Bitcoin payments. Deliberately opposed to the centralized operating methods of names such as BitPay and Coinbase, the project allows processing of payments without relying on third parties

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin 4,049 Followers, 7 Following, 54 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Steve Mason (@mason_btcpay

Check your redirects http - https, your preferred version (www vs. non-www), certificates, connections and your html-content. A ranking system shows, if your domain is A+ (no errors + preload), has errors (https - http) or loops BTCPay Server is essentially an open-source alternative to the centralized BitPay gateway. It was founded in 2017 and calls itself a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor that is secure, private, censorship-resistant and free

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Open source payment processor for Bitcoin and altcoins. The project is using: * Entity Framework Core for Database access. * DBreeze for text indexing * XUnit for unit testing * Support both Postgres and SQLite The deployment method support Azure Deploy Click button, which properly se The popular and affordable web hosting providers such as Hostinger, Hostwinds, HosterBox have been accepting Bitcoin as a payment method Tesla, who invested in Bitcoin this year and started selling vehicles with Bitcoin, detected a bug in a software called BTCPay Server. Tesla employees who reported the problem to the relevant team helped to fix the bug. Tesla's security team inspected BTCPay Server's GitHub page last week If you have a WordPress blog and BTCPay Server, you can easily put your articles behind the Lightning Network paywall just by inserting a simple [shortcode]. Mass-media funding model is fundamentally broken. Pay-per-click ads favor inferior and clickbait content. The quality doesn't matter, as long as you click. Microtransactions via the Lightning Network can potentially change the way. BTCPay, an open-source Bitcoin payment platform has joined hands with PayJoin to offer an added layer of privacy to the Bitcoin transactions on its platform. Payjoin is among the latest privacy tools available in the market and is believed to offer better privacy protection than the popular alternative Coinjoin

Bitcoin payment processor BTCPay Server has added support for Pay to Endpoint (P2EP), a result of a workshop organized by Blockstream, a major, Canada-based blockchain company. As Blockstream explains in their blog post, P2EP, aka PayJoin, is a special type of Coin Join, a method for combining multiple bitcoin (BTC) payments into a single transaction so to further preserve one's privacy. P2EP. Making BTCPay Server intuitive for small mom-and-pop stores, but also a headless beast for developers, is not an easy task, reads BTCPay's post about Kraken's grant. Thanks to this grant, we're able to focus the efforts of our contributors towards that goal but also extend the scope to improving integration tools with e-commerce platforms and exchanges. Kraken and BTCPay will. BTCPay Server has been in the space since late 2017, serving as a decentralized payment processor that allows peer-to-peer transactions without any fees or third-party wallets. Using the updated. De hecho, BTCPay Server, como proyecto, recibió la primera subvención de Square Crypto, a través de su fundación, BTCPay Foundation, en septiembre del 2019. El financiamiento se dio para crear un software gratis y de código abierto, que ayudara a mejorar la privacidad, seguridad y escalabilidad de bitcoin para los usuarios

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BTCPay Server hat bereits Zusagen von mehr als 250.000 US-Dollar für 2020 erhalten. Es wird immer einfacher, Bitcoin für alltägliche Zahlungen zu verwenden. BTCPay Server, ein kostenloser Open-Source-Server für die Verarbeitung von Bitcoin-Zahlungen, hat am Freitag mehrere neue Funktionen veröffentlicht, die es Online-Händlern erleichtern, Krypto-Zahlungen auf ihren Websites abzuwickeln. The BTCPay Payment Gateway for WHMCS allows you to accept payment in bitcoin through your self hosted or Third-party hosted BTCPay Server software. Features:-Direct, peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments; No transaction fees (other than the network fee (opens new window)) No processing fees; No middleman ; No KYC; Non-custodial (complete control over the private key) Enhanced privacy & security; Self. BTCPay merupakan salah satu solusi pembayaran untuk transaksi menggunakan cryptocurrency, khususnya Bitcoin. BTCPay sendiri dibangun berdasarkan konsep open source, yaitu siapapun dapat menggunakan layanan tersebut tanpa harus membayar kepada pihak pengembang maupun pihak ketiga manapun. Satu hal yang menjadi unggulan BTCPay adalah kemampuannya untuk langsung menghubungkan antara pembeli dan. BTCPay Server nabízí elegantní způsob, jak přijímat bitcoiny za své zboží či služby. Svým designem umožňuje zachování finanční svrchovanosti, pro kterou byl Bitcoin vytvořen. Při používání BTCPay Serveru není potřeba nikomu věřit, nikoho žádat o svolení, a to nejlepší na konec - vše je zdarma a bez jakýchkoliv poplatků. Michal Mikle. Jsem overclocker a.

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