Bestellen Sie fangocur-Produkte im Online-Shop des Herstellers In wenigen Schritten zum Vorsorgedokument: hier erstellen, herunterladen und ausdrucken. Einfach - Rechtssicher - Geprüft Ciquidus Alpha - 1.7.2. The Chaincoin block explorer. This project is a fork of Iquidus Explorer so massive thanks go out to Luke Williams for his code! Thank you!!! See it in action. explorer.chaincoin.org; Requires. node.js >= .10.28; mongodb 2.6.x *coind; Create database. Enter MongoDB cli: $ mongo Create databse: > use explorerd Block Hash Recipients Amount (XGCS) Timestamp; Ciquidus Alpha-

Ciquidus: the block explorer with extra flavour, powered by Chaincoin. - a JavaScript repository on GitHu timestamp txid amount. Ciquidus Alpha- Top 100 - Current Balance . Address Balance (XGCS) % 1: XTd3ALWEmv7okBCmuEWnCVJZkLQfM1oKfQ: 597909.9170000 Iquidus Explorer - 1.7.4. An open source block explorer written in node.js. See it in action. List of live explorers running Iquidus; Note: If you would like your instance mentioned here contact m

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  1. This is sub sample of the network based on wallets that have connected to this node in the last 24hours
  2. The Iquidus code family (Ciquidus and Iquidus) Blockbook; Insight; Bitcoin-Abe; So far industry-wise, these explorer codebases have been pretty static in their core architecture and usually have.
  3. timestamp txid amount. Espers Explorer - Ciquidus Alpha-

GitHub - suprnurd/ciquidus: Ciquidus: the block explorer

Block Hash Recipients Amount (CDZC) Timestamp; Ciquidus Alpha- Block Hash Recipients Amount (BIR) Timestamp; Ciquidus Alpha- Block Hash Recipients Amount (KEMA) Timestamp; Ciquidus Alpha- Block Hash Recipients Amount (XSR) Timestamp; Ciquidus Alpha-


Top 100 - Current Balance . Address Balance (AUDAX) % Top 100 - Received Coin Block Hash Recipients Amount (ESP) Timestamp; Espers Explorer - Ciquidus Alpha--. Bitcoin explorer. 1 896 209 108. Blocks; Tools; Statistics; Developers; Last block. 1 896 209. Time from last block. 00 hours. 15 minutes. Blockchain state. Blocks Transactions; 1 896 209 58 512 178 Addresses: 57 519 029 Unspent outputs: 58 076 612. Toggle navigation WooridleCoin Blockchain Explorer. Explorer. Username / Email. Password. Remember Me AwardCoin is a crypto currency that had an expose wrote up on them on BitcoinTalk shortly after their ICO. The thread stated that AwardCoin, blatantly plagiarized multiple sources found in the internet, some of the content doesn't even originate from other whitepapers but straight-out websites just found in Google's search engine.Their CEO's profile (including the name) appears to be. An index is consuming a larger than expected amount of space compared to the data. Note: you need to monitor historical data & index size to have a baseline for comparison. You want to migrate from an older index format to a newer one. If a reindex is advisible this will be mentioned in the upgrade notes

suprnurd/ciquidus - Libraries

If you install MongoDB with apt-get as described in the MongoDB Ubuntu installation guide, it will come with a basic startup script and config file.(use of a config file is highly recommended) You can also take a look here for an old post that links to an init.d script.. In either case, the basic premise is that you're setting up a service and then configuring to start-stop with the computer A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin Mediu $ sudo apt-get install -y mongodb Step 2) Checking the Service and Database of MongoDB. The MongoDB service will start automatically via systemd and the process listens on port 27017.You can verify its status using the systemctl command as shown below

00:32 There has been a new version of Iquidus called Ciquidus. Which now displays the masternodes that are online. As well as how many are offline. This is the explorer we will be setting up today. 00:46 There are 4 main aspects to creating an explorer for your coin. First Find out what Bitcoin proposals miners are voting for This tutorial presents two ways to install MongoDB on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. MongoDB is an increasingly popular free and open-source NoSQL database that stores data in collections of JSON-like, flexible documents, in contrast to the usual table approach you'll find in SQL databases.. You are most likely to find MongoDB used in modern web applications * Preferred: Have experience working with Iquidus/Ciquidus. Skills. React.JS, MongoDB, Jira, Bitcoin-Like RPC. Compensation. Competitive Day Rate Applications for this job are currently closed. Apply on CryptoJobs. Related jobs you might like Smart Contract Developer (BSC and Ethereum) Eylan Technologies . Full Time Tech Remote Dubai 174 views · featured 1 day ago. C: Dotnet Core C# Developer.

Hi All, test I'm running a Feathercoin full node and wanted to get more out of it so I decided to set up a Feathercoin Block Explorer + API alongside my node. If you would like to get your own Feathercoin Core full node up and running, see this guide: h.. Following our announcement in August, we are excited to announce our new block explorer located at blockstream.info!Our block explorer allows users to search and view specific data that is published in real-time to the Bitcoin blockchain and the Liquid sidechain Top 100 - Current Balance . Address Balance (CTSC) % 1: TxDv85mpxu8Fv9mdQA9a4opft94jHbzdcZ : 3855120.6130000 This chapter discusses the establishment of a reproducible gallium arsenide (GaAs) materials base to realize the full potential of direct ion implantation as a reliable, cost-effective fabrication technology of high-performance GaAs metal-semiconductor field effect transistor (MESFET) devices and integrated circuits (IC)

mergecoin-node-api is an Express middleware plugin that exposes URLs for quick development and interfacing with a mergecoind mergecoin wallet you are ready to start your masternode. Starting your Masternode. now your masternode has finished syncing its time to start it. go to Chaincoin Wallet, and click Masternodes next to Transaction

GitHub - iquidus/explorer: An open source block explore

Giettemperatuur Ciquidus + 50 °C/100 °C 1070 °C 1040 °C Afkoelen Uitbedden op kamertemperatuur na afkoeling op werkbonk OPPERVLAKTEVOORBEREIDING AFWERKING BEWERKING Stralen met Conventionele frezen en methoden 125tot25Om A 2°3 BELANGRIJK: Alle oppervlakken rubberen alvorens te polijsten SOLDEREN SOLDEER 1 G 830 bronder) 830 °C smelttemperatuur Flux IB GS 780 Ibronder) 780 C SOLDEER 2.


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